The Ride

Brand Video

Melonn is a logistics company that allows brands to have same-day deliveries of their products with a personalized experience for the clients of the brands they serve. But how could we show this in an exciting way? We came up with the idea that a troubled client who arrives at Melonn, experiences the services they provide as if riding a rollercoaster at a theme park. They get out of the ride changed and part of team Melonn.

Melonn Characters

Character Development

Melonn sought to create a charismatic, female lead character with a welcoming aura for their animation. After exploring several designs, we successfully established the perfect style. This character is now complemented by Melonn's distinctive mascot and a cast of supportive characters, enriching the overall narrative and appeal.


Happy client: Melonn

Creative Director: Isabella Manjarres

Animation Director: Mauricio Bueno

Project Management:
Daniela Diaz – Maria Camila Alvarado

Maria Alejandra Fajardo

Character Animations: Alejandra Rengifo / Juan Esteban Osorio / Maria Alejandra Fajardo / Stefany Gonzalez / Carlos Apolinar / Mateo Guevara / Mauro Bueno

Digital Compositing:
Camilo Valero

Yaffanair Quevedo / Karen Flórez / Lina Guerrero / Valeria Carvajal / Ana Cabezas / Andrea Bermudez / Isabella Manajarres / Valeria Guarnizo / Laura Gómez

Sebastian Yusty / Valeria Guarnizo

Clean & Color:
Julian Velez / Sebastian Yusty

Cel Animation:
Juan Jose Becerra

Storyboard: Isabella Manjarres

Character Design:
Isabella Manjarres

David Millan / Juan M. Duque

Camilo Valero

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