Kid’s Show

Animated Series

Sirirí is a series full of humor, action, and excitement, showcasing the importance of migration, diversity, and nature conservation. It narrates the adventures, filled with surprises and dangers, of an Argentine migrant, the fork-tailed flycatcher, who decides to settle in a tropical forest he has chosen as his new home. Establishing a new nest, seeking friendship with Verde—the forest guardian—facing the fearsome Chimachima One, marveling at the genuine Chimachima Two, and bonding with Vainilla; these relationships highlight the diverse situations migrants face, whether animal or human, ultimately finding respect in differences.


Character Development

The characters in Sirirí were meticulously designed to resemble their real animal counterparts, yet with more expressive hands and faces to captivate the young audience. This approach ensures that the series not only entertains but also educates children about the importance of migration, diversity, and nature conservation. By adding expressive features, the characters can convey emotions more effectively, making their adventures in the tropical forest engaging and relatable for kids.


Happy client: 1428 Media & Lakes Films

Created by: María Fernanda Jiménez / Cristina Valencia


General Creative Coordinator: Juan M. Duque


Animation Director: Mauricio Bueno /Diogenes Mendoza


Line Producer: Daniela Diaz


Art Director: Karen Flórez


Art Supervisor: Isabella Manjarrés


Animators: Alejandra Renjifo / Adrián Vargas / Alber Villada / Carlos Andrés Apolinar / Daniel Esparza / Juan Esteban Osorio / María Alejandra Fajardo / Mauricio Bueno / Ricardo Cáceres / Jose David Molina / Jorge Andrés Floréz


Illustrators: Andrea Bermúdez / Esteban Vargas / Juan Manuel Madrid / María Alejandra Zambrano / Sebastián Yusty / Valeria Guarnizo / Ana Cristina Cabezas / Valeria Marín


Animatics: María Alejandra Fajardo / Carolina Uribe


Riggs: Alber Villada / Carlos Andrés Apolinar / Juan Esteban Osorio


Compo: Juan M. Duque / Andrés Rafael Castillo

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