Bad Bunny

Music Video

Sometimes it’s all about fun and games. That’s why we decided to create an animated music video for Bad Bunny’s song “Yonaguni,” adding our own unique vision and creative spin to it. We wanted to capture the vibrant energy and playful vibe of the song, bringing it to life through colorful animation and imaginative storytelling. Our goal was to create an engaging visual experience that complements the music, offering fans a fresh and entertaining take on this popular track.


Character Development

Bad Bunny is undoubtedly an iconic figure in the music industry, with his unique style and flamboyant fashion sense. His music and persona have inspired countless individuals worldwide, and we are no exception. As a team, we recognized the power of his influence and decided to channel it into our work by creating a series of looks that reflect his inimitable style. Our approach was to carefully craft each look to match the vibe and feel of his music, from his vibrant, colorful performances to his more subdued, introspective tracks. We drew inspiration from the bold patterns and prints that he often wears, incorporating them into our designs to create a sense of dynamism and energy.


Happy client: Our hearts

Creative Director: Mauricio Bueno


Rigs: Carlos Apolinar


Project Management: Angelica Carrion


Animators: Maria Alejandra Fajardo  / Carlos Apolinar / Juan Esteban Osorio / Mauricio Bueno

 Valeria Guarnizo / Andrea Bermudez / Guillermo Chacon


Compositing: Mauricio Bueno

Bad Bunny

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